About ACT

At ACT and we share a great passion for theatre, with over 15 year’s professional experience in performing arts, drama and music. We love working with young minds as we feel they can produce some truly inspiring ideas.

At ACT we are all about creativity, willingness to learn, and developing skills within a positive, safe and comfortable environment. We provide a service that develops independence and confidence within young people and, above all, celebrates the vibrancy of their ideas and abilities. 

Everyone is welcome at ACT, regardless of skill level or experience, and we work with families in order to provide a service that is affordable as well as fun, challenging and engaging for our students.

We believe that children should be at the heart of the community and encourage our young performers to take part in local events, as well as performing in our own ACT productions.

Working with schools, the local community and other creative groups, we provide a network of opportunities for our students, delivered by an experienced and talented team of enthusiastic professionals.

Our weekly classes focus on the three main parts of theatre - singing, acting and dance. Using fun games and stimulating lessons to develop technique, style, and method, and we find many of them develop their confidence and skills very quickly – it isn’t a long journey from shy and quiet child, to confident and passionate performer!