Who can join ACT?


Any child between the ages of 8 - 18 are welcome to join ACT. 

How much does ACT cost?


Fees are based on £5.50 an hour and are payable by the third week of each half term via cash or bank transfer.

There is a 20% sibling discount for families with two or more children at the school. (Excludes Summer School)


*From September 2015 there will be a £2 admin fee for cash payments.

When are fees due? 


Tuition fees are collected on a half-termly basis and must be paid in full by the third week of the half term.


Regrettably any students with outstanding term/show fees are not allowed to take part in performances and tuition may be withheld.


Are there any extra costs?


Should a student wish to take part in our annual stage production there is a show fee to help cover the cost of costume and venue hire, performance rights etc. £10 of this acts as a deposit for costumes and props and shall be refunded on return of all undamaged items.


What are the rules at ACT?


  • Be respectful and supportive of each other.

  • Be respectful of the rehearsal and performance venues.

  • Bad behaviour, violence and bad language will not be tolerated at ACT. Should this occur you will be asked to leave.


Are you DBS checked?

Both Pauley and Jen are DBS checked and any staff we hire will be DBS checked at our discretion. 


Where can i view the child protection documents?

Here is our child protection police and COVID risk assement.

ACT Child protection Policy.
ACT COVID Risk assement
What should my child wear for class?


In rehearsals students should wear comfortable clothing that they can move in, we suggest jogging bottoms and a t-shirt. Black jazz or ballet shoes are ideal for dance and drama.

Currently, over 11 year old need to wear a face covering for entering and exiting there classes.


Our ACT T-shirts are £8 and Hoodies are £20. These are required for showcases, presentations and concerts.


Can we still join your classes after the term has started?


The best times to join ACT are in September and January as this is often when we begin working on new projects.


However, new students are welcome throughout the year with the exception of April, May and June when we are in rehearsal for our annual production.


When and where do you rehearse?


Classes in Carlisle take place on a Saturday morning at Currock House Community Centre: 10am-1pm


Classes in Penrith take place on a Wednesday evening at Penrith Rugby Club: 5-8pm.


When we are working towards our annual production extra/extended rehearsals may take place. You will be informed of these dates and times in advance. 


What if i miss a class?


A level of commitment is expected of all ACT students and we expect regular attendance at class. If you are unable to attend a class, for whatever reason, please let us know.


Unauthorised absences and lateness shall be noted and are taken into account when casting our annual production.


If a student with a principle role misses three rehearsals without having

informed us in advance, they will have the role withdrawn from them (excluding illness, in which case we must be informed on the day).  


For health and safety reasons any student that is unable to attend a dress rehearsal cannot perform in that venue.